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The New India Assurance Company Limited

New India is a leading global insurance group having a network of 1900+ offices spread over 25 countries in 5 continents.

New India has over 104 years experience in providing a wide range of General Insurance products globally. New India as an Indian and multi-national organization is particularly reputed for its focus and emphasis on customer service, wide product range and financial strength….

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Financial Strength : “B++” Good rating by A.M. Best


Recognized for the highest levels of customer service


Presence in 25 countries across 5 continents


Govt of India Undertaking


Pioneer in Satellite Insurance

Financial Strength Rating

Financial Strength Rating Disclosure under Section 60 (1) and 67 of Insurance Prudential Supervision Act,2010 of New Zealand

    • Name of Rating Agency: A M Best Company
    • Rating B++ Good
    • The Current Financial Strength Rating: 20-10-2023

Rating Scale of A M Best Company
A++, A+ Superior A, A- Excellent
B++, B+ Good B, B- Fair
C++, C+ Marginal C, C- Weak
D Poor E Under Regulatory Supervision
F In liquidation S Suspended

Insurer Solvency

Insurer Solvency Disclosure under Section 81 of the Insurance Prudential Supervision Act (2010)

As at 31 Mar. 2024, The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. Actual Solvency Capital is higher than the Minimum Solvency Capital meeting the requirements of Section 64VA of the Insurance Act, 1938 (Republic of India). The currency conversion rates applied to the below Actual and Minimum Solvency Capital and Solvency Margin are: NZ$1 = Rs 49.82 as at 31 Mar. 2024 and NZ$1 = Rs 52.62 as at 31 Dec. 2023.

31 Mar 2024

Rs (billions)    NZ$ (billions)
31 Dec 2023

Rs (billions)     NZ$ (billions)
Actual Solvency Capital184.57                   3.705170.92                 3.248
Minimum Solvency Capital101.95                      2.04699.61                   1.893
Solvency Margin82.62                      1.65871.31                    1.355
Solvency Ratio1.81                         1.811.72                      1.72